Poem ~ Flourish


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Remain peering upward,

Sweet flower in the sun.

I’m a sentry at your shoulder,

Let’s see this battle won.


With the winds I whisper,

Retelling fortitude.

Rooted, stoic beauty,

timelessly imbued.


A climate clear and still

Whenever time can chance us.

Hold mere gratitude,

No looming clouds of auspice.



Grown in such a manner,

Bonded and entwined.

A unison of struggle,

Sweetened victory combined.



Hold this day of glory,

Nourishment implanted.

Bring it to the surface

When nurture isn’t granted.



Night appears remiss

Brash, hard world askew.

Though often long and weary,

Day plots to bring anew


Standing firm within conviction

Blooming, branching tethers.

Plucked from perseverance,

For, today, no one withers.