Here it is again: the start to a new year.  In my mind, it’s just a numerical thing.  We’ve run out of days in December and months of the year to continue to call it 2010.  Certainly I hope for good things in the coming year for myself and others, but I don’t hold out for this to be a better year.  No pessimism here.  I just don’t believe I can conclude that an entire year has been good or bad and look for promises in the next year based on what I believe should happen for my best interest.  A year is filled with too many nuances to give it a permanent stamp of approval or disapproval.  And to believe I know what I need and can produce from this day forward to be productive, happy and successful is inconceivable.

Sure, each year holds something but so does every day and moment too, as far as that goes.  So I don’t like to lump it into a set calendar amount of time.  I guess it is sort of the take it as it comes and enjoy it while you are experiencing it sort of approach.  To start the sunrise of the first day of the year with hope and high personal expectations to “make it better than last year” only to then to dub the entire year upon its last sunset as being one of lost dreams and disappointments is too encasing.  Lost in the entanglement is the acknowledgement of personal growth, the accumulation of blessings that pushed me through tough times, the satisfaction of completed tasks and dreams that brought me to today, and just purely the simple joys of life that another day alive permitted.  Really, what was so wrong with last year?

And I don’t do resolutions.  It is not because I’m afraid of setting myself up for failure or due to lack of ambition.  Each morning, the start of each awakening, I resolve to be at my best, produce my best, enjoy the best life offers and meet each conflict that arises with my best foot forward.  To calculate at the start of a year what I perceive should be my goals or my destiny seems almost contrite.  It is as if perhaps, up to this point, I’ve not worked hard enough on myself or given due credit to where I stand today and that I must have more focus in the next year.  Each day I present myself with a goal or heart desires and take them on with my heart and soul unknowing of any hurdle that may unfold taking me down a better unknown path or difficult one that musters up my tenacity to press forward.  That is my success formula.

My strategy is rather than see each year as a new start, I’d prefer each day in my life to  awaken with a fresh mind-set and allow me to find the potential in it.  I put my face to the sun and thank God for another day of opportunties bestowed upon me. Enough calendar days equating to positive forward movement would ultimately provide the tranquility and joy of life I seek.  So in theory, I’ve resolved to giving myself the best line up of sunrises and sunsets possible for the duration of the time I am alive.  I resolve to just be me (the best possible one) in each waking moment.

No.  That wasn’t a new year’s resolution.  It was a life promise to myself.