Saturday, after all the holiday hubbub ceased and the occupancy at our house dropped back to its usual two, I slipped in and out of dream state as I snoozed on the couch.  Yep, the entire day was spent this way.  How indulgent of me!  But come the beginning of the week, as I tried to keep pushing forward, I found that physical and mental exhaustion still loomed.  So yesterday I decided to claim for myself some additional self-gratifying moments .  The bills, the laundry, and the cleaning can wait.

I try to do this every few weeks or so.  With two self-indulgent appointments, a haircut and a massage, already on the agenda  it seemed only fitting that this be a “me” day.   Everything today would be taken lightly.  Life would be approached gingerly and delicately.  No hurrying, no worrying.  The only plan was to just move at the slowest pace possible. 

My plan was working well.  My hairdresser, who I shared my exciting news with, obliged me with a wonderful head massage after my trim! (she’s known for spoiling her clients this way) With my massage following up an hour later, I had just enough time to  slowly shuffle my way through the grocery store just to pick up a few essentials and a birthday card.  No rushing, no allowing worries to enter in.  Just being in the moment.  Ahhh, the loads of life are lifting. 

So with the nasty, split ends trimmed away it is time to melt away more of the havoc life wreaks on the body.  The massage was intense, but urgent after all the holiday neglect.  Be gone tight muscles, looming headaches, muscle spasms and toxins.  The body and mind are being reborn.  Today is the day!

 I remained in this positive state and fostered each interruption of “my time”  with affirmative thoughts:  last-minute request to take my son to work equates to valuable time with him and no plans made for dinner means more leftovers will be eaten.

So did I awake a new person?  Well, sort of.  My mind is feeling renewed but my body is feeling the repercussions of  a deep tissue massage.  An excuse for another “me” day perhaps?  Well, why not?  Okay, maybe not the entire day, but at least an hour.  A hot bath is drawn and I add the ginger.   Yes, I said ginger!  It is another of my every so often indulgences.  It is a great detox if you can remain submerged for at least 40 minutes.   That has always been my Achilles heel.  Time, that is.  I can never sit still for long periods without feeling guilty.  But I’m determined to do it this time.

Hot bath ready.  Lights down low. Music on.  I try for the first 10 minutes to settle my mind but get antsy.  I try deep long breaths.  I don’t have a clock in the room to time my bath.  (I don’t like to watch time anyway)  So how do I know it has been 10 minutes?  Because almost three songs of Air Supply have played through.   I do some simple yoga stretches so that I don’t focus on the length of time I have to sit still.  It helps me settle in. 

 I’m now about five songs in.  Hmmm, this isn’t so bad…this sitting still.  I’m thinking the water must be getting cold by now, but I feel so warm and comfortable yet.  That’s the ginger doing its work.  Wait, that’s not Air Supply.  It’s Alanis Morrisette.  Can’t be.  Sure enough, I’ve made it through the entire album.   I did it!   Fifty one minutes and fifteen seconds!  Yep, you guessed it.  I added up all the song times to come up with my victory number.  Clever one, aren’t I!?

So it took some mind games with myself, some dependency on others, some slowing down and breathing deep, some stretching and a bit of ginger (1/8 cup to be exact) but I feel released from some of life’s toxins both physically and mentally.  Can’t wait for my next day to pamper.  But until then I’m going to take note of the knowledge this time afforded me.  I will coddle each perfect moment even if they are born from unexpected events  and move gingerly through the rough spots knowing that they’ll all dissolve with the correct dosing of  personal susstenance.  I truly hope you find time to oblige yourself, too!  I highly recommend it!