After my daily workout and checking of my sight stats I considered stepping on the scales.  Today I refrained.  I knew there would be, if any, just a slight change.  There was a time when I didn’t step on one to gauge my weight but just merely went by how I felt.  It suited me perfectly as I knew obsessive checking wasn’t going to take the weight off.  This got me thinking about how often I actually do check my blog stats.  Which, like many fellow bloggers, may just be too often.  Hmmm, well there is one thing they have in common.  #1:  Obsessive checking of numbers does not change them.  Sort of like the old watching of the pot will not make the water boil. 

I then pondered further:  What would a change in these number really equate to?  Well, a lower scale number means my exercise and eating habits are paying off.  And as for the stats, if numbers indicate a reader or two at all it means my blog may actually have meaningful enough content that others feel compelled to check out.  Those are both good things.  Ah, but let’s play the devil’s advocate for a moment.  What if the first one went up and the latter went down or there were no clicks displayed at all?  Should I now feel defeated?  Commonality #2:  Changes in numbers could lead to potential feelings of elation or  disappointment.  But should they?

Not that impressive, eh? No worries! I'm a newbie and just having fun!

Digging deeper now.  If I were to look upon society’s obsession with being the ideal size, I could be led to believe I must put some weight (No pun intended. Okay, really it was.) on the number staring back at me from the scale.  But I’m not prone to allowing society dictate such a thing and I don’t think anyone should.  If there is no downward tick of the scales it is not an indication that am a loser (another pun…yes, intended)   Besides, I know with each exercise routine I complete and each wise food choice I make, I am becoming healthier.  Therefore, the number is only a tool in finding some information that may help me move in the direction I set forth.  And as for the stats?  Does having a day with no readers mean I have failed.  No.  It may mean that they needed to take the time to read someone else’s blog.  (always the optimist and I always want fellow bloggers to feel the love, too.)  Or maybe they were so inspired by my blog they are busy today starting their own! I’d love to inspire!  A very good thing indeed!  Besides maybe some of my most loyal fans are still out there and have yet to jump into my Perfect Puddle!  #3:  The meaning of the numbers from either will only equate the significance you allow them to have.

Quite honestly, I’ve never liked using a bath scale!  Why?  Because in actuality it will never tell me how I feel about me!  I know when my body has the need to lose pounds, tighten up and become healthier.  A scales can’t measure how I feel about myself.  The scale of assessment is best handled by me.   I have the desired calibration tools.  And when it comes to the site stats?  Sure,I hope that in my writing that there are readers that find something in it for themselves.  Who doesn’t?  However, the meaning and importance of the blog is not found in those numbers.  It is not expelling information about how perhaps one person perhaps is thoroughly captivated and enthralled (and really that accounts for more that millions of people reading it and finding nothing relative appealing about it) and it is certainly not indicative of the joy I find in writing it.  Therefore #4 shall be:  When considering site stats and bath scales, the joy and meaning of what you set out to do should not become finite by its measurement.

So, I guess from here on out they both just contain some interesting numbers that I can use as a guideline but have no true bearing on my true intentions or purpose.   I would hope that nothing in life would ever have me weighing or measuring my joy, satisfaction and happiness in mere numbers.