Once I saw these pictures a friend had posted I knew I had to share it here! (with her permission, of course)   She was on holiday visiting a friend in northern Ireland and had taken some time to do a bit of obedience training with his lovely labrador, Sasha.  Of course, time spent with any dog must include the tossing and retrieving of a stick.  And, as this photo reveals, Sasha is all for this playtime together!  (Interesting how the word “training” would make us groan but a dog greets it with a wagging tail, unrestrained exuberance and a long, slobbery tongue.  However, I don’t recommend mimicking this the next time your boss announces one!)

But being the smart lab she is, she knows that a stick has nothing over….

A big puddle!!!

Sasha seizes the opportunity!

Ahhh, contentment!!!   Even dogs know that you have to take time to enjoy the puddles that come your way!  (muddy as they be sometimes!)