One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.  ~William Shakespeare

 A fifty degree day!   That’s what  I woke to today. 

Nearly hitting that 50 degree temp here my backyard!

 I skipped breakfast (Bad girl, I know), grabbed my shoes and Matt’s camera and headed out the door.  I wasn’t going to let a balmy January day slip away.   Matt’s Canon is a bit  advanced for this photography newbie, but since he had taken my small pocket one with him on his business trip to Columbia I was left with figuring this contraption out for myself.  First obstacle was switching out from the Macro lens to the regular one.  That Macro lens can get heavy when traipsing up and down hills.  And our subdivision has hills!

After climbing and puffing up the first hill I had to capture the beautiful colors of the sky. Like this tree I felt compelled to stretch out into the warm air and upward to the blue-gray blanket of clouds. 

Up next.  Another hill.  But I tackled it and then turned to snap this photo.  Whenever I take this route on my walk I have to stop to enjoy this view.  It certainly gives me a sense of overcoming one of life’s hard roads!

 I knew climbing the second hill that a winter view through the trees would give me a peek of the mountains beyond.   I was not disappointed.

Along most of my journey I noticed the silence.  The birds must have even been shocked speechless by this sudden warmth.  Perhaps they were off picnicking on any bit of winter berries they could muster up.  Needles to say, no one seemed to be home.


Also atop this part of the mountain was a reminder to take a moment to reflect on those who sacrificed for our daily liberties and on our wonderful country!

Nature’s turn: ” ‘O‘ beautiful for spacious skies.”  

Speaking of nature, although it is not a flood of color and vibrance during this dormant time of year, the amount of texture and tonal subtleties cannot be missed.

Although the temperatures may trick me into feeling spring is nearly upon us, the ice still floating upon the neighborhood lake tells me otherwise.

One can’t wander about the neighborhood without stopping to greet new neighbors.  So, of course, I had to introduce myself.  A very friendly fellow I must say, however his adorable counterpart was too shy to make introductions.


Finding myself now walking up our driveway I was reluctant to head indoors even with the begging of my empty stomach. I ignored the rumblings and allowed myself the pleasure of  wandering about our property to find other things to capture.   Nature’s textures and treats  were my focus once again.

Love the dark silhouette of the tree against this sky. Look closely. The rat-a-tat of a woodpecker is what made me look up.

Creek that runs along the property. The deer have made a noticeable path to it this winter.

Finally I could no longer ignore my hunger.  After an hour and half of breathing in the day’s warm, fresh air I headed in where a meal and bath were the next order of the day!  I’m certain my photography skills require much more practice, so I look forward to a future venture out.  However, I may just not hold out until the weather warms next time!

I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station, through which God speaks to us every hour, if we will only tune in.  ~George Washington Carver