If you’ve read my post Know thyself: live happy and healthier,  then you know my desire to find answers.  Answers to alleviating chronic pain and rejuvenating a body depleted of energy.  My preferred approach is to find alternative, holistic methods as opposed to the pharmaceutical ones that I feel have gotten me further from the “whole” person I was not so long ago.

The other day I stumbled upon a documentary called “The Gerson Miracle”.   So tonight I decided to see what it was all about.  I’m up for a miracle any time, aren’t you?  It is not the most spine tingling thing to watch and the camera shots are not grandeous in nature. But it is something nearly what it sets out to encourage: organic.  Now I’m not a proponent of lecturing on what I feel others should or shouldn’t partake in or screaming about how or what our government should or should not be doing, but there are areas within this film that make me question what we are doing to ourselves in terms of creating a healthy environment.  But as is my normal reaction, I will take what knowledge I gain and make the best possible use of it for myself and allow others the same courtesy. 

What intrigued me the most is the reiteration of the deficiency and the toxicity in the foods we eat due partly in the soil from which they flourish, (if i dare call it that) along with the addition of pesticides.  This along with the toxins in our air, our water and even our homes.  I know I’m not saying anything new here.  But it bewilders me that even when Dr. Max Gerson, as far back as 1928, made note of where the toxins in our food and air was leading us that we still continued on the same destructive path.  But this is where I step off.  Off from just such a path and from sounding like I’m on a soapbox.

The film may seem to some as an old-fashioned infomercial at times, but I must say I gleaned some useful information from it.  For one, there could be some value in my idea that the prescription medications I had been on have worsened my condition to some extent.  I know I’m not a medical professional, but I know the direction my body and mind took after each newly filled prescription and a dosage taken.  I lived through the side-effects that were just temporary while my mind reeled with the potential future repercussions. 

I heard within this documentary the same things that my current chiropractor has enlightened me with these past two years.  The wrong foods, those laden with preservatives, processed and un-nourishing, do nothing for our human existence.  At least nothing positive.  It is in the consumption of healthy, organic foods that I allow my body any chance in retrieving my former self: mentally and physically.  That there are negative effects that play out due to the things we expose our bodies to including the water we drink, the way we prepare our foods, and the way we medicate our ailments.

Dr. Gerson produced a therapy that is said to cure cancer and other chronic illnesses.  Of course I can’t speak on that first hand, but I can use his knowledge to find what may work for me.   Ironically  there were two things mentioned which I have already placed into my diet and those are flax-seed and potassium gluconate.  I cannot testify exactly what part they have played in my recovery thus far, but it is my hope that they are part of the ingredient to me becoming pain-free some day. 

I must say the number of toxins we receive warning of have become so numerous that it is overwhelming.  But for myself I can’t allow it to keep me from finding ways to eradicate those within my power.  And perhaps, if Dr. Gerson’s findings bear any truth, my first plan of attack shall be to create, or should I say return to, a body that has some resistance to the opposing forces.  This can only be done by monitoring what I nourish it with.  And quite frankly, I must admit to return to the most healthy time in my life would be return to my infancy.  I doubt many of us can lay claim to have never eaten a few cookies too many, or munched away at a bag of candy, not to mention the array of toxins likely found in the areas we played in.

 I know I’ve only hit the tip of the iceberg in what I need to eliminate from my diet and from my life.  However, I know I’m on the way to living better and it is with the help of the knowledge I’ve gained and continue to seek and my trial and error that I am empowered to do so.  For this, I am thankful to people like Dr. Gerson who devote their lives to seeking  answers and holistic approaches. 

You can find the Gerson Institute here.