Life is accumulative.  Within that accumulation, character and personal realization can be stretched, moved and found.  I’ve likely only permanently catalogued a bit of lessons learned and life experienced and realized to memory.  Perhaps in written form they will be more easily called up or allow for deeper contemplation.  Here’s what I noted for the last month: (Doesn’t seem like much, but then I was try to call them up from memory…this month I’ll have to keep track as I go along.)

Extraneous info intoduced: (little stones that have been plopped into my puddles)

Frank Lloyd Wright is a wonderful creator of spaces, but knew nothing of building healthy, sustainable relationships.

Schlock ~ Anything that is cheap, shoddy, junky, inferior, of poor quality.  (this is now my favorite word to say, although I’ve yet to work it into a conversation. 

Personal Revelations: (Peering into the puddle and recognizing an evolving me peering back)

I watch more Sci-Fi than HGTV lately.

 I could contently live in a sparse one room home.   I came to this conclusion after spending a day and a half in a hotel room with just my laptop, some snacks and the heat turned to a comfortable 75 degrees.  (the addition of a waiting cooked breakfast each morning and someone to make my bed and tidy my room may become a necessity however)

I’d rather write creatively than spew facts and figures. 

There are not enough words in this universe for me to explain myself.  Or perhaps, I’ve just have to expand my vocabulary-yep, that’s probably it (writes as a “to-do” on sticky note)