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Exercise.  Love the effects of it when I do it: hate the boredom of routines.  Yes, the stationary bike is conveniently sitting in my office.  But, convenience sometimes equates to boring.  Mundane.  Especially when it involves a constant spinning and rotating with no real ground covered.   However, if we look at handiness of a slew of exercise videos~now we’re talking!  I stumbled on this little gem in Netflix a few weeks ago when we joined mainstream movie addicts and signed up.  Hey, maybe Netflix will do for my pain, muscles and squishy, wishy-washy abs what Subway did for Jared’s weight and health! 

So lately, the moving of the couch has taken precedence over sprawling across it.  If anyone is privy to my movie genre they’ll certainly notice the scale tipped slightly into Sports and Fitness.  I’ve found Crunch: Super Slim Down is my workout of choice.  But I know, given time, I’ll be bored and moving on.  I did attempt Dance Off the Inches:  Tummy Tone Party Zone.  Wow, I think I grew an amazon woman’s sized second left foot after years of  dance fever absence!  You can bet your sweet bippy I’ll be returning to that workout.  It shall be danced to until mastered. 

Hubby has even joined me recently in my new workout scheme.  And to keep from losing his macho image while participating in yoga and Pilates, he purchased a black yoga mat.  Dreary you say?  But it is the perfect back drop for the skull he wants to paint on it, don’t you agree?   Anything to bring joy to exercise! Right?

So, until we are revolving close enough to that sun so I can get outdoors for some physical activity, Netflix and I will be workout buddies: along with hubby and his skull.  What is your secret to squelching the workout doldrums?