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 Happiness can exist only in acceptance.  George Orwell

After all the snowy and cold days of winter, the blessing of another sunny, spring-like day had to be taken advantage of.  So, we pulled off yet another hike.  This time we headed up Mill Mountain.  Not so treacherous as our last floundering jaunt on Sharp Top’s snow and ice, but just as fun and heart palpitating at certain  junctures.  We had tackled this mountain before, however, the totality of it would not be the same.  I entered into it as a new venture: fresh eyes and a more open mind and heart.

From a distance,  trees and rocks may appear the only make-up of a mountain.  But to investigate further, to walk through the minuteness that makes up his essence, puts breath into it.  That is when we find it is unique and alive.

Just the sounds of my feet to earth resound differently and the layers of the forest sheddings swishing around my legs presented a new voice in my ears.   Here is what they heard:


In nature, the typical and expected are irrelevant. 



Anything goes, everything coexists, nurtures and gives relevance to the other. 




You find it supports in mutual understanding.


The plush and colorful can lie restfully juxtaposed to the harshly sharp and brittle.


Those made of the earth, even if taken far from their initial form, are given right of passage back to it.  A new approach can often create an unexpected, interesting effect.P1030024

Nature does not dub them unnatural.  Where they once stood enveloped by it, they can now fall into its current rhythm. 


Or found to give strength and rooting for others to spring forward higher and taller. 


Nature allows all to surrender.  In its own way.  With its own dignity.


And the mountain itself?  It resigns to the chaos not of itself; that which it did not create.  It absorbs vibrations of sound and movement while standing strong, resilient and calm.


  It stands silently hovering; remaining constant and cradling with motherly instincts.


Unless you listen.  Unless you step upon it.  Unless you surrender to its unbiased affection.   Only then is that silence broken.

Perhaps  we should reflect on the invaluableness of Mother Nature’s ease of acceptance in uniqueness, differences and change.  She grows and flourishes not in spite of it, but because she allows it.  DeeDee Lynn