Eating and living healthy remain to be important goals to me.  I can be a perfectionist in many aspects of life, but in this one area I will have my cake and eat it too.  Without guilt.  It is the only way I can tackle this without being overwhelmed.  I’ve decided that in order to make this life change I have to be forgiving to and for myself.

Tonight I tackled a small goal that pertains to all important larger ones.  I made a Paleo meal.   My plan, no hope, is to learn at least one new recipe a week. Not necessarily Paleo, but just anything healthy.  I’m seeking out any recipe that uses healthy ingredients that are not processed, are gluten free, and have no HFCS contained within them.

Tonight I made TWO new recipes: Pork fried rice and Paleo Orange Chicken.  The only fault I found in both recipes is that they beckon me back for seconds…or would that be thirds?

Via Health-Bent

Oh, and yes, gluten free means NO bread. But I’m not going to feign complete self-control…I have enjoyed a burger or two WITH bread.  I have found that by allowing myself these once in awhile indulgences I realized how miserable I often feel afterward.  Ultimately it reduces my desire to  to indulge the next time. 

Besides to give ice cream would be just…well, CraZy.  I do plan to find some gluten free alternatives however.  I’m finding I can trust my pallet and my gut more nowadays.  I question the true yumminess of food I once deemed delish.  Eliminating certain foods from my diet has enabled me to gauge healthy over empty calorie more readily;  my stomach knows the difference and warns me accordingly. 

I’m not a “diet” person.  I find it difficult to stick to one regimen or believe that one method out shines all others.  I find calorie counting and the like to be too time consuming.  And, actually, mind consuming.  I don’t want food to be a constant focus, especially in a negative manner. There is a plethora of good information out there via the internet and books to aid in making better  food choices.  I’ll just take bits and bobs from each to create a healthier me.

So that’s how I plan to roll.  Just making wise choices day to day, meal to meal and minute to minute.  But the BIG factor (and hopefully it won’t be that body part to which I sit upon)~no guilt for the non-perfection moments.  The slip of the chip or finger licking fudgy moments will be cherished, guilt free, once in a very great while moments.  Maybe, in all this non-perfect, healthy eating, I’ll give myself a break in those other perfection bound areas.  Likely wishful thinking…

Never eat more than you can lift.  Miss Piggy