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Paint a journey of discovery toward  fulfillment of life and self.

Create and move into the next celebration.

The next joy, the next splash of color.


Revel in the vibrancy, the flow, the juxtaposition to life.

Self wholly centered~life centered.

Paint it with your unique rhythm. Move freely.  Spontaneously. 


Breath deeply the undulating line and vivid hue.  Hear the crisp voice within you.

Move forward silently in delight.  Experience.

Declare newness with expectancy and oneness with unity.


Allow the unexplored genius to come alive; enliven.

A precursor to new dawns; time constraints abated.

Life swells beyond our awareness;  the mastery we’ve yet to claim.


As you endure and enjoy, capability strengthens~ stretches.

It illuminates completeness.  Discovers self.  Ignites Self~trust.

A centered self emerges;  a vitality filled soul evoked.


Life envelopes; color wraps and bursts.  Two~fold.  Three~fold beyond unexpected galaxies of saturation.  Brightness.  Brilliance.

Wrap it whole; experience ability.  Into segments; see its entwined unity.  Smear it away to reveal its meaningful depth. 

Enable the joy of color to seep in;  setting things right. Perfect.  Rightly perfect.






Featured Artwork~ “Sailor’s Delight”. 

  About the artist.  Sarah Drewes-Mettle is a budding, young artist who paints in her spare time. And I’m often unsure how she comes about finding that time.   In her world, it is found somewhere between playing awesome mommy to her three adorable children (a handsome big brother and adorable boy/girl twins) and keeping the house afloat while military hubby is out keeping our country safe. (oh and the million other projects I see her take on~~She is a Jill~of~all~ trades)   After coming across this writing, of which I wrote months ago, and having decided to tweak it, I immediately thought to rummage through some of Sarah’s paintings for the perfect one to post alongside.  I’m so glad she allowed me the courtesy to share it with you.  Thanks Sarah!  Keep expressing and sharing that colorful part of you.  (You can see more of Sarah’s art at Sentiments by Sarah Joy on Facebook)

The only journey is the journey within.
Rainer Maria Rilke