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Body broken,

mind numb,

hope fades,

joy lost.


Mind searching,

hope wishing,

joy wandering,

body burning.

Joy moving,

hope tugging,

body responding,

mind expelling.

Hope filled,

mind soothed,

joy realized,

body healed.

Within this reflection:  Whether it is life’s troubles that cause pain or pain that causes mental anguish, humans have the ability to persevere.  It is a personal process that takes a different path and amount of time for each of us, but, with faith, can ultimately have a positive, joyful ending.

About the photos:  The photos were taken on a hike of Hay Mountain near Daleville, Virginia.  While hiking along a ridge overlooking Carvins Cove, a rain storm moved in.  We hiked nearly out in the open vulnerable to the chilling rain for nearly 20 minutes, when along came the sun, warmth and a clear view.  Now that is life’s trials perfectly depicted by nature.