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God’s Breath

the wind                                    

whispered by

billowing me with fervor.


Photo:  It seems fitting a photo with brilliant color and movement would be taken by Debbie Clement: author, illustrator, music lady, speaker and  arts enrichment specialist. (She recently won the Indie Excellence Book Award for her children’s book, “Red, White and Blue”) Her mission and her joy is to teach and fill young minds and hearts with all the marvelous things in life through creative movement, words and song.  While writing this blurb about her, I realized not only how much the photo represented my writing above, but how God’s breath has filled her.  You just have to check out all the wonderous creativity that has sprung forth from her thus far and see where else it takes her: Read her blog~ Rainbows within Reach  Follow her on Facebook~  Rainbows Within Reach/FB