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Yes, I’m referring to flexibility. But not in the sense of being physically flexible. Although that is a good thing to maintain, too. I”m referring to stretching my rigid self; thinking and otherwise.

I’ve spent countless hours trying to tweak the graphics and layouts of both my blogs and all I produced were stiff, boring looks. I searched through thousand of photos we’ve taken, did countless image searches and  tried out so many WordPress themes that it is hard to identify which ones weren’t given a chance, if only for mere moments. Rather than the creative, fluid look I wanted, I kept getting results that were too linear.  And, well, sort of heavy-looking.  I had some interesting photos to start with but what grew from them was not giving me what I was searching for.  Here are some whose lack of staying power has doomed them to my worthless pile.  Well, not completely, I guess.  I love to recycle.

This was, for a short span, the title bar with “Perfect Puddles” scribbled across it.

Used as a background along with the title bar in the photo above, I made an attempt to add some fluidity. The overall look, although quite nice looking, was just too boxy to me.

I want the spaces to reflect who I am. Well, at the very least,  have  something that I feel connected to and are visually pleasing to me.   My thinking is that if I have positive vibes when  I log into  the blog that I’ll be  more inclined to want to “work” there.  But after each attempt, I just scrapped the theme in progress and started fresh.

After relentless hours I realized that what my mind was conjuring up as the perfect approach was not physically already “out there”.  I had considered rummaging around for paint supplies to come up with something on my own. However, I didn’t have the patience at this point to push through the entire process.  So with the Paintbrush program sitting void of photo because another photo editing attempt had just failed, I grabbed the cursor and within about fifteen minutes I had the background decided on.   It was a wonderful break from the methodic searching.

I enjoyed the process so much that I decided I’ll change out the look when the mood arises.  A little creativity never hurt anyone.  Besides, it is a lot cheaper than redecorating the house when I find the creative urge welling up.  I think my hubby will be pleased.

I’m pretty pleased with the end product for several reasons. One, the overall looks has movement to it just as I’d wanted.  It is light and airy~not stuffy.  And most importantly, it unshackled me from my stern, focused way of tackling projects and allowed me some freedom of expression.  It sort of has a child-like quality, I guess~ the part of me I want to keep around and at the ready more often.  Stuffy, detached, and methodic have been kicked to the curb.  Self-expression, playfulness, and open-minded are in. Project complete.  I think I’m going to skip rope for a while…