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Don’t you hate it when you are in the moment of something great and you don’t have everything you need to have it meet your expectations.  In my case yesterday, it was knowledge.  The ways, the ins and outs, the technological workings of a camera.  Ugh, what fabulous photos I could have taken had I known how to truly operate my husband’s Canon EOS 20D.  (He is on a business trip and took my easy to use camera that I have a mediocre understanding of.)

Now throw in one rambunctious dog who did not want me to give any attention to any other creature…even a soft-spoken butterfly nestling on a flower that didn’t have to jump, lick, or step on my feet. Just the serenity in its stillness was enough to draw attention.  Do you think dear old dog took notice of how much easier that approach is?  Likely not…no, let me rephrase that,  “definitely not”.

While doggie pounced at my every move in some sort of awkward dance I snapped these photos.





I’m pleased to have at least taken those in spite of the licking and romping bestowed upon me.  Although not bad, I knew the macro lens might bring more to them.  So I ran indoors to get it (yes, pup galloped along trying to “help” and only managed to trip me a few times).  I fumbled the lens into place and attempted to figure out other unfamiliar buttons and gadgets.  This is where the “accident” must have happened.  (of course, I didn’t realize it until I downloaded the photos to my laptop)  I had somehow set the camera to black and white!  Ugh, now I can only imagine what the photos might have looked like in color.  But I do love black and white photography so here are my favorites of this impulsive, whirl-wind session.




IMG_4670  IMG_4673



And the session would not be complete without sharing a few photos of my partner in crime….or perhaps that should be partner creating the crimes. Oh, and even through all the chaos by said partner I did learn one thing today.  I know where the gadget thingy is to place focus on background objects.  Now to learn how to tune out background nuisances…(ie~the four legged creature)

IMG_4681 IMG_4674

Can you guess what sort of informational book I’ll be reading the next couple days?  Besides “obedience training for dogs”…