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A colorful mosaic sways against a vastness of blue.

The renewing spirit of the wind whispers and enjoys the lifting of life in its slow decline.

Its coolness brings warmth to shivering skin.


A diminishing sun struggles to protect and provide,

Recalling its past incandescent swelter of fervor.


Time and day know the transcending and movement toward stillness;

the duty of nature, the nature of life.


It invites, invigorates and unveils contrast;

proves beauty in life nearing its end.

The rhythm is evident in the revolving world

and inherent in the spirit of the partaking soul.


These photos were taken at Roaring Run in Botetourt Country, Virgina.  My husband was taking our niece’s (the beautiful young lady in the last photo) senior photos as we hiked along the trail.  I took the opportunity to take grab snapshots of the gorgeous fall day.  As my sister-in-law, who was also along for the shoot, stated several times that day, “the photos just don’t capture this beauty”.

Here are a few more shots of the day: