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Yep, I guess they meant me.

The other day between painting projects I checked my emails on my phone and found a somewhat shocking surprise.  I had received notification that a fellow blogger nominated me for “The Versatile Blogger” award.  What does that mean, you ask?  Well, I had that very same question, so as is always my way to find out about the world, I Googled it.

This very generous blogger, who is known to me as Jelillie, has chosen Perfect Puddles as one of his top fifteen blogs to read.  Imagine that! I was just pleased that friends and family peeked in upon occasion, but now I am blessed to have a complete stranger enjoy my blog enough to mention it to others.  Be sure and check out his blog “Reinventing the We’ll”.  Catchy blog name, isn’t it?

To accept this much appreciated nomination I must do the following:

The Rules:

*Thank the person who nominated you and give them a shout out on your blog with a link to their blog.  Thank you so much Jelillie!

*Share 7 random facts about yourself.

*Pass on the award to 15 other deserving bloggers, then let them know that  you nominated them.

How fun and exciting!

Here are some of the awesome blogs I recommend you take a peek at and, if you are so inclined, follow them:

One ~ Color 365

Two ~ “Through My Eyes

Three ~  “Something Sage

Four ~  “Fresh Appreciation

Five ~ April’s Atelier

Six ~  “Duck Egg Blue

Seven ~ “Blog home of Green Earth Goodies & j.c.spock

Eight ~ “Withy Windle” 

Nine ~  “Photography Asunder

Ten ~ “The Nourishing Gourmet” 

Eleven ~ “Left on Walnut”

Twelve ~ “Joy Like Cucumbers”

Thirteen ~ “Textile and Terrain”

Fourteen ~ “My Colorful Heart”

Fifteen ~ “Saxton Studio Blog”

Seven Random Facts About Me:

One ~ I’m infatuated with old buildings.  And old things.  And the old ways and ideas.  And period movies and books.  I like old.  But they mix wonderfully with most things new!

Two ~ I am always seeking out the creative spark within me, although I allow it too often  to plague me with “indulgence” guilt.

Three ~ I love to hike.

Four ~ I want to move to a warmer climate.  So I can hike more.

Five ~ Some day I would love to have a greenhouse.

Six ~ I love to travel and would love to do it more.  Even traveling an hour from home is a thrill and an opportunity for me!  Never know what I’ll see and experience outside the four walls.

Seven ~ These random fact spaces filled very quickly thus proving to me that I often have too many irons in the fire ie: too much life to yet live. 

Thanks again for the nomination, Jelillie!!!!