I really didn’t plan on ignoring this blog.   There is a long list of  writing topics jotted in my writing journal, but I haven’t glanced at it in a few months.   The main reason I’ve not been here is that I’ve been here ~ With Reverence”.  It is a 365 day project that I started nearly two weeks ago.  I must admit it has been hard to journal something everyday and I am actually a few days behind.

But I have found that is forcing me to write more and when I’m not writing I’m thinking about how I can creatively put it on paper.  I’ve also had a lot of ideas slip in, never note it and then have it slip away.  I have jotted down a few and now have scraps of papers throughout the house and even in my purse.

The 365 project is my attempt, change that  ~my determination ~ to live with reverence.  To notice all the wonderful things in life and give it a voice.  I want to see the awe in life that pulls me through the struggles.  God places so many wonderful things into our life and on this earth; I don’t want to live without fully experiencing these gifts.

I promise not to desert this blog, but my new writing spot will get a bit more attention until I become more confident and accustomed with writing daily. I must admit it has already become a challenge and I’m days behind due to putting my priorities with family which shall always be the case.  Then there were the few days I was without a laptop due to a virus.  But I plan to try to on track soon and stay there. I don’t want any revered moment or revelation to go without notice.  Thus each day shall be chronicled; there is awe, honor, and respect within every one.

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And thanks for stopping by here!  Your presence in my life does not go unnoticed nor is it taken for granted.  I wish you a life of awe.