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When I’m in tears,

they are most often not for me.


When  vulnerability comes to my soul,

it was not an injustice set against my own heart.


When I cannot feel beyond the next second,

or breath my next breath.

It was not that the wind was taken from a blow upon me personally.


When life seems unfair and I cannot fathom why the cruelty exists,

it was not a suffering I endured.


When I feel as if I am not justified in my fears, my pain and in my sorrow, it is not because I am not loving and accepting toward myself.

It is all because I am feeling selfish in the moment of considering my own trials when I see the real difficulty in yours and the disregard many of the world give to this precious life.

For you,

I cry.

For you,

I become numb.

For the world,

I attempt to find reason

and seek deeply for hope.