I’m cleaning out and moving forward in many things these days.  While cleaning out my office and ridding it of un~needed files and papers,  I found a box with a bit of this and that in it.  It was primarily some course work from my online interior design studies. But within one notebook I found this jotted down thought all alone on a page:

“Let them mutter their bitterness in angst. Though it hammers in my ears, it shall not strike my soul.”  DeeDeeLynn ~2013

What is interesting about this is that I seem to find these revelations about my previous thoughts and writings when I’m in a cleaning out process of things that no longer fit or are relevant in my life.  Even more interesting, is my desire to once again write during these moments of de-cluttering.  In fact, my previous post, which was done months ago, was about a found writing.  

Could this be that I did not remove enough the first time?  That it left me still burdened enough to  refrain from giving myself permission to unleash my thoughts and soul into writings?  Or have I burdened myself with more of the un~necessary and un~required in life that it kept me from hearing my own thoughts altogether?  

To be set once again into calm waters, without burdensome baggage, seems to be a desirable cure for this uncharted soul.      

DSCN1104 (2)