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Lying supine under the roof,

Droplets pinged and sang.


Soothing my soul,

Clearing my mind,

Releasing the heart of its pang.




Imagining beyond  these heavy thoughts

Into the cloud thickened sky.


No matter the miles,

They lingered and filled,

An opaqueness would answer my cry.




Fervently exposed was a beckoning moon,

upon it a glowing delight.


Pain driven away,

Sadness dissolved,

Peace would overtake me this night.





A telling sunlight bore upon it,

A sight I’d longing to see.


It transcends to that spot,

Where connection is gleaned.

Precisely where the other shall be.




No matter confusion, despair or forlorn,

None  shall shroud that light.


No awareness denied,

Only comfort and love,

Giving meaning and substance to plight.




A relenting and merciless rain drives on,

Leaving the night awash with question.



Unscathed and unburdened.

Only awaiting life’s truest confession.