I used to keep a diary.  A teen diary.  It was blue with a gold trim and came with a gold key for its gold lock.  But you’d be hard pressed to find any writing in it.  Why?  Because I didn’t want anyone to see my words.  To know what was in my heart.  My frustrations.  My joys.  They were just too personal to share.  And too deep would be the wound if anyone mocked or didn’t understand them.  So my writings went something like this:  write, write only if I could not contain it, pour it all out onto the blank page, then tear out the page and shred it into the tiniest bits of confetti.

Any thoughts. Gone.  Any poems. Gone.  Any sorrow or joy. Gone as if it never existed.  I do live in that way though.  No looking back; only pressing forward.  The only difference now?  I can’t tear up the words that I journal here.  I can only hit delete or just never hit the publish button to start with.  But my promise to myself, and you are witness to it here, is to allow things to be written and read by those who care to.  And to allow and accept any comments by those readers.  It is through all those things that I learn to accept who I am, where I am, and how I will proceed with my life.  My biggest hope is to now see and claim all the wonders in my life through my own words.  So, by all means…read on…

What’s in the name?

Perfect Puddles.  Puddles ~A small pool of liquid, esp. of rainwater on the ground.

                            Who didn’t love to jump in puddles when they were kids…who, if                     being completely honest with themselves, wouldn’t want to jump in one now.

                               Perfect~  Having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics.

Every puddle is perfect for jumping in…at any age or stage in life.  It keeps us young, makes us happy, and keeps us present in the moment while looking forward to future splashes if life.

All the things I want my life and writings to do.

Who is this person doing all this splashing about?

First and foremost, as most any wife and mom would say, I am a wife to a fabulous man and mother to four boys that are my world.  I’d be lying if I said anything different.  Oh, and I’ll soon be a grandma!  So surreal.

This whole writing journey (and starting of three separate blogs ~ gasp~ what was I thinking?)  began when chronic pain slowed me down to a near halt.  I’m not one to sit idle, so on those moments where I can’t physically move forward, I find myself trying to push through mentally.  Writing is allowing me to avoid feeling as if I’m sitting idly by watching the world pass me by.  And when pain brings me to that occasional abrupt stop, I can do some reviving by way of re-reading and reminiscing .

Perhaps you are asking, why three blogs?  Well, here at Perfect Puddles I allow my self free rein to write and share where my thoughts are at in any given moment.  It is a journal with no chronological order or planned semblance of thought.  It shall be an amalgam of any thoughts that provoke and prod me to put down words that I feel brave enough to share.

Now, over in With Reverence, this is my “pick me up” world.  It’s where I take notice of the wonders of the world and can’t move forward without sharing.  Where life as seen as a big bowl of cherries with no pits.  There is so much that is missed or can be missed in life by keeping our heads down.  With Reverence is my place to remind and remember how all the little things count and make up this wonderful thing called the universe!  Aren’t we lucky to live here!?!

And lastly, the Gregarious house is where I share my passion for “home”.   But not just home as a place, but as a space that gives us life and breath and by walking into it shares exactly who we are.  If you happen to peek into my back screen door at the Gregarious house, you’ll notice a slight creak to it.  That’s because I like the older, finer things in life with a past, a history and a story.  Please stop in when you get the chance and by all means let me know you’ve arrived.  Let the screen door slam behind you as you enter, as it is always a lovely, charming sound to me.


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. How beautiful to have found you the instant I made my first blogpost on the new site 🙂

    Gone through your blog, and am deeply amazed, and happy, coz you resemble me so much.
    Hope to have a great exchange of ideas with you 🙂


    • ddLynnssundry said:

      So glad you found your way here, Terry. Thanks for taking the time to read a bit!! It is much appreciated.
      I’ll be sure to be stop in to see your writings regularly. It is always refreshing to find like minds working toward similar things in life. All the best to you!

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog

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